For boards and management teams, gain great value by supplementing traditional analytical decision making processes with ones based in intuition, intention, and deep trust in emergence. 

Evolutionary Governance is a leading edge methodology for stewardship and decision-making that is rooted in wisdom traditions. It is ideal for teams and organizations dealing with complexity, uncertainty, and the need for quantum shifts. 

Benefits include:

  • The CEO, ED or senior leadership is happy, feels supported, and never feels alone.
  • The Board, leadership and staff stay in alignment. 
  • Decision making is nimble, efficient and effective, and simultaneously grounded, wholistic, and inclusive of multiple bottom lines.
  • The experience of being on the Board, rather than being a dry duty, is instead a joyous, invigorating, awakening and personally fulfilling adventure.
  • The organization is aligned from top to bottom, and therefore nimble and able to respond rapidly to changing contexts and circumstances.
  • There is more flow, synergy and synchronicity.

This package will support you to:

  • Understand and articulate the value of Evolutionary Governance.
  • Identify custom pathways to shift the modus operandi of your board or leadership from Robert’s Rules of Order to Evolutionary Governance principles and practices.
  • Work with different tools and approaches for decision making that blend data and different intelligences and ways of knowing.
  • Discern what is required of prospective new directors to function well with evolutionary governance approaches. 


  • Online workshop: Key Principles and Practices of Evolutionary Governance. (90-120 minutes)
  • Praxis Group: Facilitated series of five 90 minute sessions for cohorts of 5-10 people working to shift their system to embrace Evolutionary Governance.
  • Mentorship: Could be a quick one-off consultation, a troubleshooting call, or ongoing support.
  • Intuitive assessment of the alignment of current and prospective directors/team members to your mission. 
  • Create your own! Let us facilitate your dream for your team, and we will tailor to your situation.

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