In these unprecedented times, leaders throughout organizations are facing unprecedented challenges. Each of these challenges provides an opportunity for greater growth and resilience. Tough times call for decisive action, clear perspective, being grounded, and trusting one’s intuition can be more valuable than ever. 

Executive coaching creates space for reflecting, dreaming, making significant shifts, and busting assumptions and limiting beliefs. It generates insights and fresh perspectives about your life and situation(s), and reveals new possibilities – opening the way for you to make new choices.

Every member of the Emerge Collab team is highly intuitive and attuned to what is seeking to emerge. When coaching (and always) we are all also fiercely focused on actionable next steps for transformative change.

A few of the many benefits of coaching include 

  • Support to shed the “lone wolf” conditioning that we have to do things on our own.
  • Hearing yourself in the presence of another person can lead to revelations.
  • Help to connect dots in your situation thanks to another being able to see what you can’t.
  • Support to see what is trying to come through you, thanks to the quality of listening – deep open listening, that supports you to go deep.
  • Growth of your capacity to coach others.

Life wants to happen, like the current of a river, and it calls each of us to surrender our fears, blocks and baggage. With the mounting pressures of this time, more of us have the courage needed to dive deep, and a thirst for greater fulfillment, meaning and joy. 


  • FREE 30-minute trial executive coaching session with any member of the Emerge Collab team.
  • Focused one-hour executive coaching session(s).
  • 3-pack: three one hour 1:1 coaching sessions at timing you choose for a discounted fee.
  • Team coaching: A set number of hours (e.g. 4) per month usable by members of a team in any configuration.
  • Running a tab. This option supports coaching calls as short as 5 minutes, and as often in a week or month as is supportive of your goals.

All sessions are virtual, either by phone or online (e.g. Zoom).

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