We need leaders everywhere!

Activate the brilliance, courage and resilience of your leadership team. Get grounded and fluid in cutting-edge leadership practices for vision, collaboration, systemic consciousness, audacity, trust, and foresight for these complex times. 

Grounded in participants’ real time scenarios, the Leadership Incubator creates a focused container for your team to re-gear, up-level, tap their human creative connectivity, get both playful and real, and integrate new shared foundations of purpose and agency for audacious systems change. 

In the Leadership Incubator, you’ll:

  • Connect each team member with their unique leadership presence, clarify and evolve leadership narratives and archetypes, calibrate your team’s super gifts, and integrate them into vibrant organizational culture. 
  • Raise up your leadership capacity for purposeful engagement, systems sight for visionary and grounded decision-making, action integration for efficiency across roles, and evolve conflicts of paradox and dynamic differences into clarity and innovation. 
  • Develop the leadership here-and-now consciousness of constant and unexpected change, and catalyse team members’ root energy for co-development across structures, paradox and difference. 
  • Design leader reflection practices – developmental evaluations – that notice the impacts of change across your structures and diverse deliverables, to shift your stories of what’s possible. 
  • Actualize your entire organization’s triple bottom line goals by working with systemic diversity and inclusion: ensure impactful collaboration, and enable an organizational culture of authenticity, creativity, learning and continual growth in emergence. 


  • Four 2-hour workshops for coaching and facilitation supported by four 1-hour group mentoring sessions for trouble-shooting and practice integration
  • Praxis Group: ongoing mentoring of your leadership team in 1.5 hour online sessions, especially helpful during times of deep transition.

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