LOREM IPSUM – Emergence is the key to adaptation and creative, lasting responses to today’s massive changes.

Working with Emergence enables in-the-moment deep systems insight, confident choices, and rippling intentional impacts with widely ranging collaborators. From leading-edge management practice to social justice front-lines, working with Emergence is recognised as a key leadership capacity for today’s enterprise and service worlds. 

Emergence is the ability to keep on track to your visionary DNA, and move with demands of uncertainty and complex change, tracking impacts with every action.This is what allows for constant course correction and innovation.  Partnerships, product and service goals, and working processes become deeply rooted, and deeply inclusive. Emergence is visionary insight with whole system regard and a constant, rooted YES. 

This package explores how to:

  • Stand with Emergence –  Emergent Strategy sets you up to achieve your vision with the systems you work with. Explore how working with emergence is both rigorous and fluid, learn how standing with Emergence allows you to grow from the assets and lessons of here and now. 
  • Navigate Emergence – Centre on purpose and listen for what is emerging, including through data, symbols, pattern recognition, and circle process.
  • Bring others along – orient partnerships and collaborations to shared principles of action that are accountable to shared vision and goals. Ground with tools for dealing with change and disruption, including ways to identify fundamental needs and wants. 
  • Deal with blocks to Emergence – Grow your capacity to be comfortable with uncertainty and your trust and confidence that you will create better outcomes because you’ve integrated what is in your strategic systems. 


  • A progressive series of 2 hour workshops that cultivates the ability of your team to reach a shared understanding of emergence, embrace working emergently, centre in shared purpose as your north star, discern what is emerging at different scales, bring others along to work with emergence, and deal with systemic blocks.
  • Praxis Group: Facilitated series of five 90 minute sessions for cohorts of 5-10 people working to shift their system to work with Emergence.
  • Mentorship: Could be a quick one-off consultation, a troubleshooting call, or ongoing support.
  • Create your own! Let us facilitate your dream for your team, and we will tailor to your situation.

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