Today, flux is our constant. 

Executives, leaders and facilitators need new tools to create the sustainable systems that are trying to emerge: visionary, engaged, grounded, inclusive and able to navigate the intersections of complexity and constant change with strength and heart. 

Many who lead visionary initiatives encounter the walls of old systems holding onto power and control.

When the emerging networks to build better meet the old systemic blocks, we can focus the energy to evolve. 

Tools for Leading Change introduces a toolkit of approaches that radically lift group and leadership dynamics, and that activate presence, agency, collaboration, and the capacity for audacious change: systemically grounded, liberatory, collaborative, inclusive, gleefully creative, engaging with depth and meaning, and hugely efficient and impactful. 

So you can:

  • Lead and facilitate intensive, high stakes transformation of infrastructures, relationships, roles and identities.
  • Set up and activate high performance, systemic collaborations.
  • Facilitate collaborative decisions that are trusted, actionable, and impactful.
  • Source from transformational psychology, complexity, cutting-edge leadership, physics, ceremony, and integrated community development learning of over 50 years.

You will learn 15 leading facilitative and transformative tools to work with:

  • Complexity as a root leverage point, and stepping into the freedom in what’s “chaordic” (the sweet spot blend of chaos and order).
  • Collaboration and collectivity as the foundations of resilience, interdependency, mutuality, diversity engagement and systemic vision.
  • Embodiment and mindful systemic awareness for clarity in the midst of change.
  • Creativity and decision-making tools for collaborators to move confidently with trust.
  • Conflict and systemic blocks: Facing obstacles with witnessing and creativity;
  • Shifting ego-based control systems and identities into collaborations of trust and courage;
  • Grief for what is leaving, including certainty, hierarchy, and ego isolation.
  • Naming privilege, and changing or leveraging it personally and structurally.
  • Adaptation: naming cycles to reduce fear of change and the loss of predictability, and better seize the upturn for growth
  • Inquiry paths that reveal what’s emerging and how to work with it.
  • How to identify and track systemic process, content, decisions, and shift old limiting stories into data-driven next-level direction. 

Leads: Christine Spinder and Kate Sutherland


  • Online workshop series: Six 2-hour online workshops. Each session will include guided embodiment practices to grow your systemic awareness, pair and small group hands-on activities, and inner work tools for cultivating your inner knowing.
  • Praxis Group: Facilitated series of three-five 90 minute sessions for cohorts of 5-10 people to support integration of your ability to work with the tools for leading change.
  • Mentorship: Could be a quick one-off consultation, a troubleshooting call, or ongoing support.
  • Create your own! Let us facilitate your dream for your team, and we will tailor to your situation.

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