Many leaders and organizations know they want to collaborate, but don’t know how. They know that quantum leaps are possible, but are stuck in old structures and isolating paradigms. 

With collaboration excellence, every action has rippling impacts, diverse contributors enhance and deepen strategy, resources are leveraged up, and relationships create energy, insight, engagement, innovation and satisfaction. Collaboration is also a belief structure – that we truly build better approaches by co-creating.

Emerge Collab brings decades of practical know-how for collaboration activation. We coach and facilitate with collaborating teams, enterprises and networks on how to shift organizational culture, build collaboration consciousness and structure up relationships to create multiplier resonance.

Uncover the obstacles to collaboration, and find the waiting assets and hidden tools that will activate your paths of collective impact and sustainability.  

This package explores how to:

  • Map and set up collaboration structures that enable reciprocity, generosity and trust for maximal strategy and reach, with grounded respect for contributions, roles, and impacts;
  • Harness the brilliance of collaborative approaches with coherence and shared purpose among diverse contributors;
  • Tap clearly with intuitive discernment and Systemic Constellations to shift core beliefs and partnership patterns.
  • Learn how to surf – with joy, verve and practicality – the dynamic tensions of difference, transforming them into shared energy for new action and integration; 
  • From the crux of paradoxes and complexity, work with consensus for clear action with simple decision-making and innovation tools.  
  • Ensure each action builds win-win-win impacts that answer the full complex of bottom lines for sustainability, equity, and prosperity.


  • A progressive series of 2 hour workshops – maybe with lunch! – to map system intersections, train tools, coach leadership, innovate and strategize the interweaving of collaborator assets and capacities.
  • Intuitive assessment or Systemic Constellations to uncover hidden obstacles and reveal fundamental wants, needs, and opportunities. Helpful if you can’t put your finger on what is blocking collaboration. 30-90 minutes.
  • Praxis Group: Facilitated series of five 90 minute sessions for cohorts of 5-10 people working to shift their system to true collaboration. 
  • Mentorship: Could be a quick one-off consultation, a troubleshooting call, or ongoing support.
  • Create your own! Let us facilitate your dream for your team, and we will tailor to your situation.

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