Many of us know that linear approaches are not enough for the scale of transformation needed at this time.


We need collective and quantum approaches that are nimble, audacious and visionary to catalyze deep systems change across sectors, organizations, communities and geography.

We live in extraordinary times. The old ways are unravelling, and the new ways are emerging in arenas everywhere.

Emerge Collaboratory is dedicated to bringing forth the new solutions that are collective in nature, aligned with ecosystem principles, social justice, inclusion and life’s holism.

These are our guiding principles:

SELF AWARE because unless we tap into a deeper, more whole and awake systemic mindfulness, we will unwittingly reproduce more of what we already have.

SYSTEMIC because everything IS connected to everything, in webs of reciprocity, innovation and mutual benefit, creating working structures of elegance, place, and effectiveness.

EMERGENT because the best ways forward in these unprecedented times come from our willingness to step in, grounded in principles , and trust that what’s next will emerge from what we put in.

COLLABORATIVE because we need the collective intelligence, wisdom and diversity that comes when we engage across silos in the spirit of mutuality, discovery and innovation.

Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu

At Emerge Collab, we’re inspired by Joanna Macy, George Lakey, Otto Scharmer, adriene marie brown, Margaret Wheatley, Arnold Mindell, Indigenous Wisdom Traditions, and many other outstanding teachers and movements.

We’re committed to facilitating new collaborative leadership, new ways of co-creating, and new make-it-happen infrastructures, fueled by conscious cultivation of learning, innovation and tactical action for big wins.

Intention, perception, intuition, consciousness and audacity weaves throughout our work. This is what we cultivate in our clients, projects, and innovations.