a better world is possible,
and emerging.

At Emerge Collab, we facilitate, coach, strategize and build capacity for audacious systems change.

We work with leaders, organizations, businesses and communities to activate systems for a transformed world.

At Emerge Collab, we help you work with the uncertainty and opportunities of this time.

From nimble strategy consultations and executive team coaching to stewarding large-scale complex systems developments, we work with:
Emerge Collab strengthens collective capacity, the genius of diversity, and the reach of collaboration. We help clients attune with purpose, retool their structures, and create grounded, daring and effective new systems and organizations.

We coach for collaborative brilliance, catalysing leaders’ and change-makers’ deepest intelligences into quantum shifts for sustainable world outcomes.


Emerge Collab helps build nimble, genius organizations and visionary collaborations in social impact, new enterprise, green technology, community development, creative, health and sustainability sectors.

Our Team comes from diverse fields, leading creative technology design,  organizational change, social innovation, deep collaborations, stakeholder engagement and social transformation projects across the continent, and the world. We make big things happen with vision, inclusion, co-creation and structures that evolve for years.

Our Practices are to facilitate, coach, action-research, collaborate, discover, innovate and experiment, reveal the motivating story, and build hands-on leadership to mobilize collective genius. 

Our Philosophy  is grounded in outcome-based collective and quantum processes, and with the principles of systemic mindfulness, audacity, emergence, diversity, immediacy, and collaboration.

See our Portfolio for past clients, projects, and case studies.

We co-create with high-performance teams and courageous doers who want to build better ways, today. It’s about whole systems change: linking personal leadership with collaboration savvy, and networking structural and relationship capacities for social and environmental evolution.


The Bridge
The chaos of today is a rare opportunity to change how we operate across industries and the networks and governance of civil society. Through the smoke, we can clearly see how gaps that today leave out any of these sectors create massive costs downstream. 

Now is the time for audacious social and economic innovation.

The Bridge is a social research and economic development project that will plot, map and connect three BC community sites. These communities will direct, frame and fuel their own transformational social economies. Proven green system innovators in BC will connect and together facilitate ‘what if’ conversations down to the nuts and bolts, with governance and policies to empower them.

The Bridge is initiating partnerships and make-it-happen knowledge for green infrastructure builds on the ground today. We will prime the pump for regenerative economies by creating a cohort of leaders in each region who can:

    • Cultivate high trust relationships and partnerships for innovation, including with the local Indigenous communities. 
    • Shift mindsets and cultures from isolation, opposition, and scarcity to connectedness, collaboration and prosperity.
    • Take risks together, leveraging each others’ strengths and assets in ways that transcend what was previously thought possible.

Emerge Collab has been actively researching this project for the last year and is at the implementation phase. We seek partners, collaborators and funding agencies. If you are interested or have questions, contact: info@emergecollab.com

From our clients

“These Facilitation Mastery workshops have profoundly shifted my attitude as a facilitator. The tools, concepts and exercises offered gave me access to many new approaches that are now integral to my own practice. Kate and Christine have a magic touch when it comes to create a welcoming and productive workspace and I invite all facilitators, newly minted and well seasoned, to experience their work.”
David Kohler

Education Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

“Kate and Christine bring deep experience and skill in facilitation, and provide a space for everyone to speak to and experience the unexplainable. Their work has encouraged me to expand my senses in service of better dialogue and inclusive outcomes.”
Virginia Cullen

Chief Administrative Officer at Resort Municipality Of Whistler

In the early spring we asked Christine and Kate to work with us, a group of academics in a similar leadership position.  We were a disparate group – some were new to the role while others had been in the position for years. Kate and Christine were masterful at facilitating authentic and open discussion about our wants and needs, our aspirations and our fears. Their approach is non-intrusive and collaborative in character, and powerful in impact and effect. As we left the half-day session, we all felt closer to one another and strengthened as a team. We had a sense of purpose and felt grounded in the journey ahead of us, full of hope and passionate resolve. This energy and focus has endured through the difficulties of the COVID months. We wouldn’t be nearly as strong today had we not worked with Kate and Christine.
Dr. Diane Purvey

Dean, Faculty of Arts, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The talented Collaboratory team are an incredible mix of top calibre facilitators, coaches and strategists. They select thoughtfully from their deep toolkits and intuitive wisdom. And their contrasting yet complementary core team support me – and those I have seen them work with – to tap our own wisdom, to find great ways forward, and to step more fully into our agency for change. Even with little knowledge of the situation they helped me to clearly sense the relevant past, present and future complexities to enable me to plot forward in grounded, impactful and resonant ways. This is part strategic, part deep consciousness and body work, and all around the mix of magic and soul food that leaders need to see and sustain both our personal and professional gifts to ourselves, our loved ones, and the transformation of systems we seek to support in this world.” 
Shayna Rector Bleeker

Partnerships Manager, 7 Generation Capital

“The workshop was a wonderful process. The concepts were new to me, however it opened my head and heart, stretched my brain and gave me new language (words) and practices to manage and understand change. As a professional in the information technology industry (which is driven by defined processes and methodologies), it has once again made me realize the importance of experiences and reflection when managing changes (workplace, teams, families, personal, etc.) I am not questioning what I am doing or where I am going with change as I might have done before the workshop. I gained the confidence to be exactly where I am and intentional about understanding others perceptions of change. I am understanding the ‘big picture’ better and my/our role in the evolution of change. I value intuition more, mine and others.”
Ann Filbert

Senior Project Manager, FYidoctors

“If you’re ready to embrace new tools for shifting perceptions, experience new ways to harness human dynamics, and dive deeper into intuitive decision making, I highly recommend these workshops by Kate and Christine! Exposure to their work sparked new creative ways for me to work with my clients to co-create the future: I’m better at seeing potential and opportunity for my clients, cultivating connection and collaboration both within an organization and across sectors, and inspiring diverse stakeholders to join the journey.”
Jane Cox

Founder & Brand Consultant, Cause+Affect

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