Our Practices

Our practices are nimble, systemic, immediate and integrated, inclusive and grounded in real action and real impacts.

Leadership Transformation

As leaders and change makers, each of us needs to shift ourselves first, to help shift our systems. 

We expand leadership capacity for collaborative brilliance, catalysing leaders’ and change-makers’ deepest knowing into quantum leaps for sustainable world outcomes. Key elements include:

  • Grounded presence and mindfulness – source deeper to  to shift with swiftness and clear decisions into quantum structures and partnerships.
  • Mobilizing diverse contributors and intelligences to build systemic resilience and relevance, and leverage complexity with grace, impact and efficacy.
  • Visioning new paradigms of what is possible: visualizing and structuring to expand systemic possibility, real-time opportunity and deepen leverage points for rippling impacts and complex bottom lines.


We connect “can do” across sectors to activate vision, collective know-how, and collaborative innovation. To convene alignments for new enterprise and partnership forms, we engage a mix of:

  • Systems ethnography that reveals relationship patterns and behaviours, group structures, creation relationships, local nuance, informal leaders, and latent genius.
  • Systemic constellations, 4D Mapping and relational insight to surface hidden narratives, blocked capacity, and strategic ways forward with interdependence and trust.
  • Visionary decision-making frameworks in systemic awareness, deep dialogue, circle inclusion, and conscious co-creation.
  • Creative dialogue processes to land inspiring visions, role clarity and nimble frameworks for collaboration, integration, decision-making, and taking action with complex bottom lines.


Storytelling and strategy go hand in hand. One of the most potent levers of transformation is to change the narrative that frames the issue, purpose, context, or system. Telling the story changes the story, and naming What Is opens space for What Is Becoming.

Our methodology includes:

  • Helping the system to see itself more clearly, by building collaborators’ capacity to reframe the narrative.
  • Engaging diverse intelligences to open strategies that make the system whole, responsive and real.
  • Leveraging ethnography, knowledge mobilization, creative IT, evaluation and systems mapping tools to enable organizations to tell their stories clearly and inspire action.
  • Ensuring integrated connection of your stories of what is, with every step of strategic development. Integrating evaluation and collaborative reflection creates constant energy for change.
  • Grounding the strategy story in your gifts, assets and your deeper truths, unleashing collective genius.
  • Listening to the collective voices of your ecosystems, future visions, and your fields of collective consciousness.


Vision in a time of emergence is key.

Today, organizational teams are reimagining the impact they could have. Horizons are opening for innovative structures and ways of collaborating and contributing that can transform our social and environmental impacts.

At Emerge Collab, we enable leaders and collaborators to actualize their visions by:

  • Building organizational tools, processes and structures that activate deeper and wider scales of what is possible.
  • Embedding learning and adaptive structures that enable the organization to see itself and its patterns, and adapt to rapidly changing contexts and conditions.
  • Cultivating evolutionary ownership, governance and decision making frameworks, aligned with living systems principles of reciprocity, holism and trust.
  • Fostering whole-person engagement and learning by team members as a way of being for innovation, collaboration, and activation.
  • Integrating immediate and concrete outcomes in organizational change processes, so impacts are quickly seen.


Many leaders and organizations want to collaborate but don’t know how. Building collaborative lift invites self-aware systems and contributors, clear boundaries and mandates, and energetic agency.

Collaboration is a speciality at Emerge Collab, with a focus on generative relationships, processes and structures that go far beyond the sum of their parts.

We work with partners to:

  • Name principles of action that support maximal self-organization and flexibility, and ensure collaborative coherence.
  • Clarify both the shared and unique visions that uphold contributors through the diversity, chaorder, and honest storytelling.
  • Surface truest needs and wants so that collaborators frame in mutuality and win-win-win creativity.
  • Cultivate the capacity to bridge across old boundaries to activate vision, know-how, and collaborative will in new, multifaceted structures.
  • Mobilize collective knowledge through relationship-based development, ensuring systems insight and measures that mark success.
  • Build self-evolving structures, relationships and practices that thrive for years to come.
Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu