Bring us your blocks, vicious cycles and wicked problems and the Emerge ofCollab Super Think Tank will lean in with creative and rapid inquiry to reset your frameworks.

There is something holding your organization back and you know it but can’t quite put your finger on it. It might be a challenge that keeps resurfacing that you can’t quite overcome, it may be holding back growth, equity, inclusion and success. Oftentimes, it’s the simple challenge of perspective, or “not seeing the label from inside the jar” that puts blinders on and stifles innovation or obscures the clear path forward.  

Starting with prompting activities to set the context, the Emerge Collab team will work collectively with you with deep inquiry, reframings, path discovery and quantum connecting. 

Emerge Collab’s Super Tank has collectively facilitated thousands of hours of collaborative breakthroughs, insights and transformations. We’ve bridged silos and broken down barriers in large corporations and nonprofits alike with infectious insight and empathy. Folks who have experienced us in action are blown away by how quickly we cut to the core of things, bringing clarity, peace, flow and transformative impact.


    • 90 minute online consultation with the Emerge Collab team to unpack, untangle, clarify and craft wise steps forward with a wicked problem, sticky issue, overwhelming opportunity, or stuck system. 
    • Gift Certificate – Support breakthroughs in a charity, start-up or business you love by gifting them with a Super Tank.

I had the privilege and pleasure of being part of a SuperTank with Emerge Collab recently and I was stunned at how much we uncovered and set in motion together. If you are working with a stubborn problem that needs ‘unsticking’ or are trying to find the big levers for a systems change initiative, this offering through Emerge Collab could be the secret sauce.

Virginia Cullen, CAO, Regional Municipality of Whistler

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