Reflecting JEDI

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion processes are integrated in everything Emerge Collab does. JEDI processes up-level leaders’ and organizations’ work for better outcomes overall: more creative and thorough systems insights, more robust leadership collaboration; deeper and wider stakeholder engagement; and more options for how we do what we do. 

Our Reflecting JEDI Package can guide your preparation for, and reflection after, focused JEDI initiatives. 

Reflecting JEDI is a crux of two questions: 

  1. How does the inner work of diversity, justice, equity and inclusion impact you? 
  2. How does and can this affect the relationships and structures you work with? 

With concepts of allyship, collaboration, and inner narrative being the base of all of our outer actions, this simple individual and collaborative reflection tool can be used every day for personal practice, and be integrated in any organizational developmental or evaluative process.

Based in 25+ years of practice in cross-cultural development work, by the BIPOC, queer, and ally collaboration of Emerge Collab, it includes JEDI systems mapping, inner reflection tools, embodiment coaching, and activities to generate JEDI capacity in groups and organizations. 


  • Three 2-hour Coaching Workshops with up to 20 executive leaders and Board members, after which the Tool is self-guiding.

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