Bring us your blocks, wicked problems and unrevealed visions and the Supra Tank will lean in with creative and rapid inquiry to reset your core dynamics and put you into action. For system transformation leaders who are “ready to soar. “

Supra Tank is a 90 minute coaching with the full Emerge Collab collective, an immersion in transforming old narratives and stuck beliefs into grounded, juicy, rich and real new leadership direction through embodiment, collective intelligence, quantum consciousness and deep, deep witnessing. We follow up a few weeks later to support integration and strategise your new developmental path.

SupraTank helps bridge the gap between fear and our deeper consciousness. Every leader and organization encounters pivotal moments where something different is trying to emerge. Right now, the old structures are changing, and what doesn’t fit anymore is either leaving or stuck. The signs are that something is holding you or your organization back but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It might be a challenge that keeps resurfacing, or barriers to growth, equity, inclusion and success.

Emerge Collab’s Supra Tank team has collectively facilitated thousands of hours of collaborative breakthroughs, insights and transformations. We’ve bridged silos, connected cultures and broken down barriers in large corporations, creative enterprises and nonprofits alike with infectious insight and empathy. Folks who have experienced us in action are blown away by how quickly we cut to the core of things, bringing clarity, peace, flow and transformative impact.


    • 90 minute online consultation with a 60 minute follow up with the Emerge Collab team to unpack, untangle, clarify and craft wise steps forward with a wicked problem, sticky issue, overwhelming opportunity, or stuck system. 
    • Gift Certificate – Support breakthroughs in a charity, start-up or business you love by gifting them with a Super Tank.

In SupraTank, we re-ground in collective intelligence, embrace the openings and reconnect to your soul’s calling.

I had the privilege and pleasure of being part of a Supra Tank with Emerge Collab recently and I was stunned at how much we uncovered and set in motion together. If you are working with a stubborn problem that needs ‘unsticking’ or are trying to find the big levers for a systems change initiative, this offering through Emerge Collab could be the secret sauce.

Virginia Cullen, CAO, Regional Municipality of Whistler

Supra Tank was an incredible 90 minutes. It was like my first experience of a human murmuration. I came out transformed. It fed something really important in my emotional body, my physical body, in my limbic system. It was a deeper wisdom from another time, from ancestors, like a wise Greek chorus.

There was an exquisite degree of presence that rose up to meet me and hold me from lots of different perspectives, you bring lots of diversities, and it was layered in a way that was really artful, that’s not easy to do. And it looked easy, if felt easy. There was a weight and a presence to it that’s constructive, and saw me really well really fast: where I’m stuck, where I’m blocked, the language I use. It shifted my way of being.

Donna Morton, Co-Founder and Former CEO, Clean Finance

Supra Tank was extraordinary. I’ve had over 40 years of high level business coaching and it was better than anything I’ve experienced before. It was a deepening experience. It was a validating experience. It was fun. It was embodied, catalytic and transformative.

Bob Beth, Partner, NOW Partners

The focus I took into my Supra Tank session was an overwhelming opportunity, one that had me questioning my place and capacity as a leader. I can see now that the opportunity is one that I co-created and that I have a role in bringing to fruition. Going into the session though I felt like a fraud, like I’d just lucked out. The Emerge Collab team created a beautiful container, strong enough for me to reject full-on the notion the team presented: that I am legitimately in leadership. In spite of, or more likely because I could push back, something long unresolved resolved in that session, leaving me with an incredibly deep exhaustion that lasted for a month or so. And when that exhaustion started to abate, without willing it, a new, deep knowing about my place and capacity in leadership started to make itself known, so that while I will always learn and reflect and grow, the immobilizing doubt is gone. Some kind of magic happened in that container. I highly recommend Emerge Collab’s Supra Tank.

Deb Schmitz, ED, BC Hepatitus Network

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