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Emerge Collab helps build nimble, genius organizations and visionary collaborations in social impact, new enterprise, green technology, community development, creative, health and sustainability sectors.

Our Team comes from diverse fields, leading creative technology design,  organizational change, social innovation, deep collaborations, stakeholder engagement and social transformation projects across the continent, and the world. We make big things happen with vision, inclusion, co-creation and structures that evolve for years.

Our Practices are to facilitate, coach, action-research, collaborate, discover, innovate and experiment, reveal the motivating story, and build hands-on leadership to mobilize collective genius. 

Our Philosophy  is grounded in outcome-based collective and quantum processes, and with the principles of systemic mindfulness, audacity, emergence, diversity, immediacy, and collaboration.

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We co-create with high-performance teams and courageous doers who want to build better ways, today. It’s about whole systems change: linking personal leadership with collaboration savvy, and networking structural and relationship capacities for social and environmental evolution.

actively seeking collaborators:

The Bridge
The chaos of today is a rare opportunity to change how we operate across industries and the networks and governance of civil society. Through the smoke, we can clearly see how gaps that today leave out any of these sectors create massive costs downstream. 

Now is the time for audacious social and economic innovation.

The Bridge is a social research and economic development project that will plot, map and connect three BC community sites. These communities will direct, frame and fuel their own transformational social economies. Proven green system innovators in BC will connect and together facilitate ‘what if’ conversations down to the nuts and bolts, with governance and policies to empower them.

The Bridge is initiating partnerships and make-it-happen knowledge for green infrastructure builds on the ground today. We will prime the pump for regenerative economies by creating a cohort of leaders in each region who can:

    • Cultivate high trust relationships and partnerships for innovation, including with the local Indigenous communities. 
    • Shift mindsets and cultures from isolation, opposition, and scarcity to connectedness, collaboration and prosperity.
    • Take risks together, leveraging each others’ strengths and assets in ways that transcend what was previously thought possible.

Emerge Collab has been actively researching this project for the last year and is at the implementation phase. We seek partners, collaborators and funding agencies. If you are interested or have questions, contact: info@emergecollab.com

From our clients

The talented Collaboratory team are an incredible mix of top calibre facilitators, coaches and strategists. They select thoughtfully from their deep toolkits and intuitive wisdom. And their contrasting yet complementary core team support me – and those I have seen them work with – to tap our own wisdom, to find great ways forward, and to step more fully into our agency for change….. This is part strategic, part deep consciousness and body work, and all around the mix of magic and soul food that leaders need to see and sustain both our personal and professional gifts to ourselves, our loved ones, and the transformation of systems we seek to support in this world.” 

Shayna Rector Bleeker – 7 Generation Capital

“The SupraTank is a powerfully elevating and grounding experience for anyone seeking to trust and learn from emergence. Kate, Jeff, Bradley, Christine and Priti are masters of holding space and wielding cultivated intuition. The way they prompted my partners and me to think differently and more freely about the work we are trying to create allowed us to break through some self-inflicted boundaries. We had been designing and thinking about our work for a long time and struggled to start — we started our work very shortly after the SupraTank with purpose and power.”

Robyn Cornish – Finance and Ocean Conservation 

Supra Tank was extraordinary. I’ve had over 40 years of high level business coaching and it was better than anything I’ve experienced before. It was a deepening experience. It was a validating experience. It was fun. It was embodied, catalytic and transformative.

Bob Beth – Now Partners 

That was….”full on. The potency. The healing, shifting, relieving something within myself and also continuing to form and deepen. On both the side of practically and action-wise, I can’t say enough about the inner work done there, in terms of being seen and seeing ourselves  I’m experiencing a really profound sense of trusting myself: feeling into my own power, creativity and power. Priceless.
Jordan Luftig – Kinship Blooms